Motherhood Is My Muse

     muse – (noun) the source of an artist’s inspiration

     When you hear the word muse, what comes to mind? Do you think of The Muses – the nine goddesses of arts & sciences? A beautiful, mysterious woman? Or maybe your profession? I never really thought of my muse, because frankly I don’t even use that word on a daily basis. While I was scrolling through Instagram, I came across this picture. Ayesha Curry (wife to Golden State Warrior, Stephen Curry) posted this selfie with the caption:

“Motherhood is my muse… Nothing like being a mommy. I love my babies so much. I am so happy to be raising my little girls, even through the 3.5 yr old temper tantrums and 6 month old sleepless nights.”

Ayesha Curry (@ayeshacurry)|Racerback Tank Top: Blanqi $34

     I read that caption, & immediately I was taken aback. 1. She is beautiful 2. What an inspiration this woman is (follow her on social media) 3. She is a mom…just like me. After seeing that post, I just kept thinking to myself, “What is my muse?”. It wasn’t until my screaming 1.5 year old son climbed up on my lap & nuzzled his head into my chest. He was wanting me to comfort him. & that’s when I realized, Motherhood is my muse too. I was starting to get emotional because my son is most definitely the source of my inspiration. Motherhood has changed me for the better, & it is one of the things that defines me as a person.

     Right now, my son is getting to that “terrible two’s” phase so you can say life is a little hectic – especially since I am working & trying to get back into shape. But even with the sleepless nights, emotional breakdowns, & even the dreaded hormonal breakouts, one look at my sleeping little babe lets me know I not only have the best motivation in life but the best inspiration as well. My son has inspired me to keep being creative (hence, this blog & my YouTube channel), to live a healthier lifestyle, & to give everything in life my all. Of course you can also add keeping positive & remaining patient through the bad days, but if I were to keep adding to the why my son inspires me list, this blog would never end.

  I love when I get those random reminders of why being a mom is one of the best gifts of life. Not that I need always need a reminder, but it is nice to see on a gloomy day. This has definitely inspired me to include my son in my creative outlets – whether that’s writing about him or filming a video with him for my YouTube channel- I want him to be involved. I want him to know that he doesn’t need to push his dreams to the side or sacrifice the things he enjoys when it comes to becoming an adult. & so I will be thinking of my muse daily to help give me that extra boost to ensure that I am raising my son to be a creative, caring, giving, & wise individual. He will be my greatest masterpiece all because motherhood is my muse.

Aloha nui loa,


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