Cauliflower Fried “Rice” Recipe


     Okay…I know what you’re thinking. Cauliflower Fried “Rice”? Why? Well, it’s 2016 & I have hopped on that new year-new me-let’s eat healthy-& go to the gym bandwagon. I am on the hunt for every single healthy substitute for my favorite dishes. Eating healthy can get boring fast, so do your research (or follow my blog) for some fun, easy recipes that you can get done in half an hour & not feel guilty about after! I would also like to mention that I have gone pescetarian, which I will post about in another blog. So anyways…below you will find the recipe that I followed. I hope you enjoy this dish as much as I did! & if you end up not liking it, you can always just use regular rice with this recipe.

   What I love about fried rice in general is that you can mess around with these ingredients to get this dish to your ideal taste! The cauliflower “rice” has such a great texture & really soaks up the ingredients that are listed below. It really feels like you are eating some type of grain, but when it comes to the taste you can definitely tell you are eating a plate full of veggies. It’s totally a win/win situation. I paired my cauliflower fried “rice” with some good ol’ baked salmon!


What you will need:

1 cauliflower head
1/2 cup of frozen veggies (I used organic mixed veggies that had carrots, peas, corn, & green beans)
1 small yellow onion – diced
2-3 garlic cloves – minced (If you’re a garlic fan)
2 eggs
1 tbsp sesame oil (Be very careful with this stuff, a little goes a loooooong way)
1/4 cup low sodium soy sauce (Liquid Aminos for a healthier sub!)
1 tbsp light brown sugar
red pepper flakes to taste (I love spicy food)
2 tbsp green onions – chopped (I didn’t have any when I cooked mine, but it would’ve been great to have!)


First you will need to prep. I suggest chopping up all the veggies or if you want to save time like me, boil those frozen veggies on the stove while working on something else. Once all of your veggies are prepped, set them aside.

Chop up the cauliflower into florets & place them into a food processor or blender. This is going to get them into that “rice” texture. If you don’t have either of these things, I would like to apologize because you are going to spend quite some time chopping them up by hand or you can use a cheese grater!

Get a small bowl to whisk soy sauce, brown sugar, & red pepper flakes together. Set aside.

In a large wok or skillet, drizzle the sesame oil over medium heat. Add in the onions & veggies (minus the green onions) & saute for a couple minutes. I like to saute until I can smell the onions.

Then slide the veggies towards the perimeters of the wok (or skillet), so that they’re all in a circle. Pour it the beaten eggs & scramble until they’re cooked. Once they’re cooked, mix everything together.

Stir in the cauliflower “rice” & pour the soy sauce in. Mix everything well & cook for a few more minutes until everything is soft & tender.

Lastly, top with green onions & you are ready to serve!

     I hope that this simple recipe can really perk up your taste buds to help you stay on track on your healthy eating journey! I am so in love with this dish. It’s such a great alternative, & I feel like even picky eaters would enjoy this. If you have a special recipe that uses cauliflower that is more on the healthy side, please share it with me! I am open to every & any suggestion. Also, please let me know if you used this recipe & how you liked it!

Aloha nui loa,


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